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Customized Premarital Sessions

Dr. Smiley’s premarital sessions are conducted in a virtual setting and each session typically lasts about 50 minutes. Each session is semi-structured so that the content can be customized to the couples’ specific needs while also incorporating the latest in relationship management skills and information.

Each couple will have the option to include the Couples Evaluation as a part of the counseling process. The couples evaluation is an assessment tool based on the Prepare/Enrich program of premarital counseling. Using a personalized assessment at the beginning of the premarital journey will often provide a clear view of their relationship. You can read more about the Prepare/Enrich Couples Assessment here.


The typical number of premarital sessions is 6 to 8 sessions. However, each couple can decide how many sessions they would like to complete. Most counties in Georgia offer a discount on a marriage license for those couples that have participated in 6 hours of premarital counseling. This discount is the primary reason premarital counseling is offered in 6-session increments.

Couples Therapy

If you feel that your relationship is struggling, perhaps a deeper exploration of those conflicts is needed.  In this case, couples therapy might be the best option.  

Dr. Smiley can either provide couples therapy or she can refer you to one of her many colleagues with extensive experience in couples therapy.

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